Case Management

Highly trained professionals coordinate and advocate for necessary services for disabled individuals to maximize their quality of life. These services are provided to pediatric, adult and geriatric clients.

Some of the case management services provided by Rehab Assist include:

  • Assessing needs
  • Assisting with relocating to residential facility or new home
  • Creating a care plan and updating it regularly
  • Arranging medical appointments
  • Accompanying clients to medical appointments
  • Maintaining communication with service providers, treaters, caregivers
  • Managing medications
  • Communicating with family members
  • Wellness checks
  • Hiring and supervising caregivers
  • Coordinating visits into the community
  • Coordinating recreational and social activities
  • Arranging for home modifications (ramps, lifts)
  • Arranging for billing and delivery of equipment (wheelchair, specialized bed) and supplies (groceries, hygiene needs)
  • Coordinating with school district for special education needs
  • Attending school meetings regarding Individualized Education Program (IEP)
  • Coordinating therapies (physical, occupational, speech)
  • Reporting to Probate Court regarding status, needs, budget

Please refer to the following case studies for examples of case management services:

Guardianship Services

Many of the services provided in case management are also provided in guardianship.  Guardianship services may become necessary when an individual is no longer capable of managing their own affairs or maintaining their health and safety. If there is no family member, relative or friend who is willing to assume that responsibility, a guardian of the person is needed. As National Certified Guardians, Rehab Assist professionals advocate for the goals, needs and preferences of the person under guardianship to assure the highest quality of life.

In addition to the case management services listed above, some additional guardianship services provided by Rehab Assist may include:

  • Initial assessment and establishment of care plan
  • Making decisions regarding living arrangements, medical treatment, etc.
  • Consenting for necessary medical procedures
  • Consulting with medical professionals regarding treatment, care, hospitalizations
  • Regularly reviewing charts, logs, notes as they relate to properly following the care plan
  • Securing benefits (Medicare, Social Security, Veterans Administration)
  • Coordinating benefits with residential facilities and providers
  • Coordinating with the guardian of the estate regarding needs, plans, budget
  • Obtain authorization from the Probate Court when necessary
  • Filing personal care plans and reports with the Probate Court as required
  • Promptly notifying the Probate Court of any changes in capacity that might warrant a change in the guardian’s authority
  • Addressing end of life issues
  • Coordinating final arrangements
  • Protection from exploitation and victimization

Please refer to the following case studies for examples of guardianship services:

Life Care Planning

While a doctor might develop a medical care plan for a patient, and a rehabilitation specialist might develop a rehabilitation care plan, a Life Care Planner develops a COMPREHENSIVE plan that addresses ALL of the needs of the individual.

A Life Care Plan may include any or all of a number of goods and services, such as medications, therapies, physician visits, hospitalizations, home care, equipment, supplies, vocational training….and many more.  The plan will outline the goods and services needed by the individual, as well as what those goods and services will cost over a lifetime.

As a Certified Life Care Planner, Henry Brennan has completed over 300 Life Care Plans, 200 depositions and testified in more than 30 trials, including testimony in Federal Court.  His Life Care Plans have been used to facilitate several multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts.

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