Elderly with Functional Impairments


Case Study:  Elderly with Functional Impairments



Elizabeth is an 87 year old widowed female.  She has a history of congestive heart failure, hypertension, osteoarthritis and depression.  She was married for 55 years to a successful businessman, and enjoyed raising her three sons.  Unfortunately, two of her sons deceased in their 50’s, and her husband died after a two year battle with cancer.  Elizabeth entered an upscale assisted living community, and tragically, two weeks after entering the facility her remaining son died of a massive heart attack.  Rehab Assist was contacted by Elizabeth’s trust officer and asked to provide care management services and to act as power of attorney [POA] for health.


  • Met with Elizabeth to establish relationship and evaluate her needs.
  • Consulted with facility-based counselors and clergy seeking interventions.
  • Established working relationships with all facility-based personnel.
  • Provided aggressive intervention to hospitalize Elizabeth for an acute depression.
  • Maintained contact with family (grandchildren) and provided status updates.
  • Attended all quarterly care conferences.
  • Provided written reports to family members.
  • Hired and supervised private duty care providers who attended to Elizabeth’s needs.
  • Conducted regular visits to facility (both announced and unannounced).


Elizabeth resides in the same facility and is closely monitored by Rehab Assist personnel.  Her dedicated care provider works with her six days per week for five hours each day.  Elizabeth is “aging in place” and enjoys the highest possible quality of life.  Her grandchildren, all of whom live out of state are in touch with her via telephone and cards and visit whenever they are in town.  Since becoming involved with Elizabeth, Rehab Assist has overseen three acute hospitalizations and participated in numerous quarterly staffings.  We have been with Elizabeth to celebrate her birthday and at other holiday functions sponsored by the facility in which she resides.

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