Cerebral Palsy


Case Study:  Cerebral Palsy



Mary is a 13 year old female with cerebral palsy, cortical blindness and microcephaly.  She functions at a 6 to 9 month old level.  Mary is wheelchair bound and totally dependent on others for all of her activities of daily living [ADL’s].  When Rehab Assist was introduced to Mary she was residing in a trailer park with her parents and four siblings.  She received a significant monetary settlement in a medical malpractice claim, and a trust fund was established for her needs.  Mary’s parents were frequently overwhelmed by her needs and in dealing with their own issues which included alcohol and substance abuse and addiction.


  • Assisted family in finding new home and making necessary modifications for Mary.
  • Coordinated and acquired specialized equipment including wheelchair, seating system, bed, mattress, shower and bath equipment and toys and learning devices.
  • Arranged for installation of exterior ramping for safe entry / exit to home.
  • Obtained discounts for ongoing medical supplies and arranged for delivery of same.
  • Hired and supervised private care staff and negotiated services saving $7,000 / year.
  • Facilitated increased attendance in special education program to 95 to 100%.
  • Acquired and coordinated home physical therapy at discounted rate.
  • Attended school special education staffings and coordinated specific recommendations.
  • Coordinated installation of wheelchair lifts in home environment.
  • Brokered purchase of modified vehicle and reported need for same to probate court.
  • Established consistent budget for Mary including equipment, supplies, therapy, food, clothing and vacation funds.
  • Provide ongoing support and services and monitoring of Mary’s (and parent’s) needs.


Mary currently resides in a completely accessible four bedroom home with her family.  She receives care provider services on a daily basis.  Her attendance in a special education program is 95 to 100%.  A fully modified van transports her to all community activities and physician appointments.  She sleeps in a specialized bed with a customized mattress which prevents bed sores.  Mary has gained 30 pounds and receives tube feedings on a regular basis.  Her once frequent hospitalizations (due to choking) have all but been eliminated.  Mary participates in daily rehabilitation services including:  physical, occupational and speech therapy sessions.  She has special adaptive toys and learning devices which her therapists and private duty care providers utilized when they work with her.

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