Psychiatric illness


Case Study:  Psychiatric illness



Edward is a 65 year old single male.  He has a 45 year history of mental illness.  He suffers from bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder [OCD] and schizoaffective disorder.  Rehab Assist was initially contacted by Edward’s family in 1998 and asked to become his legal guardian (plenary guardian of the person).  Although Edward objected to the appointment of a legal guardian, he was adjudicated to be a disabled adult by compelling evidence brought before the probate court.  Rehab Assist was appointed as his legal guardian.  In 1998 Edward was living with his elderly parents although his psychiatric symptoms made him a significant challenge to manage.  A primary starting point for Rehab Assist was facilitating the relocation of Edward to a more suitable living arrangement and connecting him with appropriate support systems.  Edward’s history includes multiple acute psychiatric hospitalizations.


  • Provided initial evaluation of Edward and created dynamic care plan.
  • Applied for benefits through Social Security Administration [SSDI].
  • Identified appropriate living arrangements with supportive services.
  • Reported to probate court on ward’s condition.
  • Approved medical procedures for benefit of ward.
  • Encouraged and facilitated evaluation by vocational rehabilitation counselor.
  • Consulted with treating psychiatrist regarding specific recommendations including individual therapy sessions, medications and group support.
  • Provide regular on-site checks and wellness visits.
  • Engaged in quarterly staffing meetings.
  • Escorted client to medical appointments and consented for treatment.
  • Facilitated regular and on-going communications with family members.


Edward currently resides in a community supportive living arrangement with other clients who suffer from mental illness.  This arrangement provides him with the least restrictive living environment while allowing him to have access to the supportive services provided by the program.  Edward continues to face challenges due to his mental illness, and his situation is constantly reassessed.  He is safe and has the highest possible quality of life given his diagnosis.

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