Veterans Assistance


Case Study: Veteran’s Assistance



John is a 99 year old single male US Veteran with no close family.  Rehab Assist was initially contacted when John was 95 by the Guardian of his Estate to assist John with relocating (his residence was closing).  Rehab Assist researched and located a new residence for John and assisted him with all facets of his transition.  Unfortunately, shortly after his move, John suffered a stroke and was hospitalized.  As no one was able to provide consent for treatment, Rehab Assist brought an emergency motion before the Probate Court and was appointed as John’s legal guardian.


  • consulted with hospital staff regarding treatment, care and discharge plans;
  • researched and secured VA and Medicare Benefits;
  • identified facilities with VA contracts for residential needs;
  • physically moved client and all belongings when changing residence;
  • identified, interviewed and placed private duty care providers;
  • provided regular on-site visits to monitor care;
  • conducted on-going assessments and evaluation of living environment and needs;
  • procured and consulted with treating professionals and specialists;
  • consulted with facility-based staff including nursing, physician and various therapies;
  • consulted with Veteran’s staff and personnel;
  • provided on-going reports to Probate Court and Veteran’s Administration;
  • purchased and delivered clothing, supplies, equipment and furniture;
  • monitored condition of equipment and supplies;
  • purchased and delivered items for personal enrichment including books, notepads for writing, iPad, earphones and music;
  • coordinated payment of bills;
  • assisted in addressing “end of life” issues;
  • assisted with funeral arrangements.


As a result of the work that Rehab Assist has performed in this case, John has maintained an excellent quality of life, even after his stroke.  He is able to live in a comfortable residence that suits him well, while also under the care of a private duty care provider (with close monitoring by Rehab Assist) to insure all needs are appropriately met.  John receives quality medical and dental care (he had no treating providers when Rehab Assist was brought in to the case) and has access to VA benefits that assist him with housing and medical care.  John is able to enjoy his favorite things – reading, writing and music- with equipment and supplies provided by Rehab Assist.

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