Traumatic Brain Injury


Case Study:  Traumatic Brain Injury



Brian is a 53-year-old male who suffered a severe traumatic brain injury in at the age of 35.  After extensive hospitalizations and rehabilitation, Brian was discharged home under the care and supervision of his family.  Initially Brian stayed at his mother’s home, who was also his guardian at the time.  Brian’s lack of judgment, poor decision making and impulsive behavior created significant tension between Brian and his mother.  Brian was then moved to his sister’s home under her care and supervision.  Brian was able to take care of his basic daily living needs (bathing, dressing, grooming).  However, his impulsive behaviors, disinhibition and poor decision making in social situations (excessive drinking, fighting, not respecting the limits of family member’s home) caused the family to contact Rehab Assist to request that we take over as Brian’s Plenary Guardian.


  • Conducted initial assessment and evaluation;
  • Enrolled client in short-term residential program specializing in traumatic brain injury and behavior modification;
  • Worked closely with facility to develop a plan of care featuring eventual return to employment and supervised living arrangement;
  • Closely monitored progress at residential facility until client was able to re-enter the community;
  • Coordinated apartment placement and rental with the guardian of the estate;
  • Assisted client in securing job placement;
  • Provided ongoing weekly case management services and monitoring;
  • Transitioned client into community-based assisted living program (due to financial limitations and other issues)
  • Established special needs trust with guardian of the estate to ensure long-term funding for client’s special needs;
  • Provided regular monitoring and assistance for client in assisted-living program;
  • Accompanied client to doctors’ appointments;
  • Consented for any necessary medical procedures;
  • Coordinated client’s regular visits to his mother;
  • Facilitated client’s involvement with local brain injury support programs including an annual wilderness camp as well as an annual convention for brain injury survivors;
  • Coordinated social outings such as baseball games and local concerts;
  • Provided reports to Probate Court on a regular basis;
  • Provided protection for client against predators who might attempt to manipulate him due to his brain injury.


Brian is currently age 53.  He continues to reside and receive services in an assisted living program for disabled adults.  He enjoys the benefits of this structured program (regular meals, activities, supervision) but also is able to attend events in the community or visit at his mother’s home for the holidays.  Brian’s special needs trust in combination with ongoing guardianship oversight have allowed Brian to enjoy a very high quality of life which includes both a residential and community component. Rehab Assist has proudly served as Brian’s guardian for 13 years.

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