Case Study:  Dementia



Lee is a 95 year old widowed male.  He has a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.  He was married for 60 years, has two sons and six grandchildren.  All of his family lives out of state.  Lee was a highly educated corporate president and was very much used to being “in charge”.  Rehab Assist was initially contacted by Lee’s trust officer after a brief hospitalization at age 87.  At that time it was recommended by hospital personnel that Lee have care and assistance in his home environment.  Lee rejected that recommendation but allowed for the introduction of a case manager to make frequent wellness checks and provide whatever assistance might be recommended.  Lee was able to live alone in his own home until age 90 at which point he fell and sustained a bone fracture.


  • Conducted initial assessment and evaluation and recommended care plan.
  • Provided regular and on-going wellness checks.
  • Assisted client in making and maintaining physician appointments.
  • Accompanied client to all medical appointments.
  • Oversaw medication management and services of same.
  • Had regular and on-going communications (phone, email) with family members.
  • Facilitated family reunions and meetings assisting in repairing fractured relationships.
  • Oversaw ordering and delivery of groceries and other food staples.
  • Established regular delivery of equipment and supplies to maintain client in home.
  • Facilitated the hiring of staff to provide “live-in” services allowing client to remain home.


Lee continues to reside in his home environment with 24 / 7 live-in care provider and services.  He has home-based medical services and is seen by a physician on a monthly basis.  His Alzheimer’s disease has steadily progressed causing him to become completely immobile and totally dependent on others.  His family is kept in close communication regarding his overall status and well-being and level of comfort.  Lee was able to make all of the necessary pro-visions to remain in his beloved home throughout his lifetime.  Lee is fulfilling his desire and his “plan” of existence.

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