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In honor of National Dog Day!

Article describing the benefits of elderly owning pets:

5 things caregivers can do to make traveling easier

There are many things caregivers are juggling on their plates, one of them being the challenge of traveling with a loved one who needs assistance. Here are the top five things we’ve learned from AARP this month about making traveling easier while being a caregiver: Make sure your vehicle is not full of your personal items when traveling. Empty out your trunk, and also keep containers to easily store items when packing the car for an outing. You will also want enough to room to make it easy to store a wheelchair or walker, if necessary. Technology is another important necessity.   Continue reading >>

Assisted Living Checklist

Check out these questions to ask when choosing an assisted living facility for your loved one. Looking for the best in Chicagoland? We can help do the research and find the best one for your family member.

5 Ways to Ease the Financial Strain of Caregiving

Following is an informative article regarding the financial challenges of caring for an aging loved one.  Rehab Assist can help assess caregiving needs and ease the burden of balancing work and caregiving responsibilities.

Caregiving during winter months

Westchester, Ill. – Many people think that hiring a caregiver is just for those who may not have family around on a 24/7 basis or only need help with daily tasks.  While that is true in some circumstances, caregivers can benefit even those older adults who can do daily tasks and get around just fine, but may need a little extra help or a watchful eye. This especially holds true over the winter months.  Getting around in the snow, walking, driving or shopping can be a difficult and even a dangerous task for older adults. FALLS are one of the   Continue reading >>